Reader Question:

My fiance features a male pal whom helps to keep popping up out of the blue every few several months in order to create difficulty it appears. We trust the girl, but she are unable to apparently begin to see the situations the guy really does.

For instance, New Year’s Eve, he questioned this lady if she wished to come up to their residence for a celebration. He understands we lately got engaged but neglected to ask me. She would not think that was odd and she usually provides him the advantage of the question.

So is this cause of alarm?

-Robert (California)

Gina Stewart’s Solution:

While she might not have any nefarious purpose, she probably likes the eye he provides the girl. It’s always wonderful feeling wanted, aside from your own union condition, appropriate?

But as an involved girl, right after which as an in fact married lady, she’s going to need to know exactly how she communicates with guys who aren’t the woman partner boasts another requirement.

If he only arises every few months plus they do not have connections beyond that, it may not end up being really worth the tension so it can have merit.

Once you’re hitched, or if perhaps you will find any change in the standard or regularity regarding connections, you are warranted to help make this something to end up being managed.

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